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Welcome Bitcoin enthusiasts from Madrid and beyond!

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Bitcoin Tuesday is a regular monthly meetup dedicated to the Bitcoin Revolution, held in Madrid on the second Tuesday of every month. We will explore how Bitcoin works from an economic and technical perspective and how it increasingly shapes our world. These are some of the questions we will be exploring in the meetup:

How do Bitcoin and the Lightning Network work?
How will Bitcoin mining shape the Energy Industry?
How will Bitcoin shape our world from a social and economic perspective?
Whether you are a Bitcoin Expert or just starting, if you are into Bitcoin, Bitcoin Tuesday is for you. We won’t be discussing “Blockchain” as a general-purpose technology, altcoins, or ICOs. However, we accept criticism and encourage open debate.

Be inspired and learn
At every Bitcoin Tuesday Meetup, we will invite knowledgeable experts to talk about an exciting Bitcoin topic.

Ask Questions
We want to have interesting talks about Bitcoin topics to discuss and learn together. Our sessions are highly interactive, having the opportunity to discuss your questions and exchange your ideas with thought leaders in the Bitcoin industry.

Beers and Networking
After the talks, chat with other fellow Bitcoiners from our diverse community over a Beer. Our audience includes experts and beginners, software and hardware engineers, investors, miners, and Bitcoiners with a product, design, business, and legal backgrounds.

The First Bitcoin Tuesday Meetup took place on December 14th, 2021, organised by Olya. All the participants had the same question: Why isn’t there a Bitcoin-dedicated Meetup in Madrid? We couldn’t answer that question, but now we can say that Madrid has an excellent one that will foster the city’s Bitcoin Community. Onwards!

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