Bitcoin Economic Spearhead Team


📅 Saturday 18 November 2023 | 🕕 14:00

📍 GymX, 148 Harmonstown Rd, D05 P527


We’re assembling an investment team of 21 dedicated individuals (this number can change depending on interest) who are passionate about Bitcoin. Each Satoshi (that’s you) invests a currently undecided amount, and together, we’ll build the Bitcoin revolution in Ireland.
What’s the plan? We’ll explore investment opportunities proposed by Bitcoiners. Business proposals are not limited to new innovative Bitcoin businesses, traditional bricks and mortar businesses are of high interest. Ideas are of interest! Any business that is selected will operate on the Bitcoin Standard pricing, invoicing, reserves but of course fiat is accepted and advertised.
This is a for-profit venture, and profits can be reinvested or shared among the team. We would issue 105 shares, 5 for each of our 21 shareholders. We’re realistic; profits will be small if any initially, but we’re in it for the long game.
Each of the shareholders would have a role to play promoting and advertising the business but a core team would be put in place to manage the business from day to day that the shareholders would not interfere with.
Imagine for an example a Coffee shop running on the Bitcoin standard, where events, meetups and workshops are hosted, a Bitcoin headquarter here in Ireland where any visiting Bitcoiner can work, setup meetings or
socialise at.
None of the ideas above are set in stone.
Join us on November 18th at 2pm to discuss this idea further.


Dublin Bitcoiners
148 Harmonstown Road, Irlanda